Take the pain out of trading

Your customers want to trade within portfolios fast. Infront web-based investment tools let them do this and more.

Enable your private investor clients to research, generate ideas, track the markets and execute trades, while you cut time to market and lower maintenance costs.

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Web-based and ready to go

Our web trader tool for investors is simple to use – there’s no need to download software or install plug-ins. Clients can execute trades with more than 500 banks, brokerage firms and exchanges, receive orders via FIX and get unique market insights.

  • Connect investors to Infront’s multi-broker order routing network

  • Provide access to more than 10m instruments from 120 exchanges

  • Inform decisions with comprehensive market data, including real-time quotes, news, events and advanced charts

  • Customise and make things easy for clients with a wide selection of pre-defined layouts and branding options

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See and serve your clients from every angle

Combine modules into a toolkit tailored to doing what you do, but better.

  • Market data

  • Trading

  • Portfolio

  • Analytics

  • Order routing

  • Advisory

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