Anytime, anywhere investment insights

Infront Wealth Portal gives investors effortless access to essential investment information, making monitoring portfolios easier and ensuring a great customer experience.


Easy to use, secure and fast, Wealth Portal helps banks and wealth managers meet the needs of today’s investors and take client relationships to the next level.

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A modern investor experience

Wealth Portal is easy to adopt and integrate. So you can offer clients a digital wealth management platform, without major technical effort.

  • Engage investors: Offer on-the-go access to the latest portfolio and investment data, enhancing decision-making and client interactions
  • Reduce regulatory burden: Fulfil essential requirements with regulatory reporting and a digital, documented workflow
  • Speed and consistency: Benefit from lightning-fast back-end calculations and complete data consistency through integration with other Infront products

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Clarity with every click

Offer a client journey that boosts customer satisfaction and loyalty. The web-based Wealth Portal works across both desktop and mobile devices.

Portfolio and investment insights are available around the clock, empowering informed decision-making.

Exchange information more securely than by email, ensuring data privacy and enhanced client communications.

Customise the portal to match your corporate branding and provide a consistent customer experience.

Efficiently generate and manage reports, ensuring compliance and enhancing data accuracy without manual hassle.

Empowering you and your clients

Unlock intuitive access to investment information, paired with enriched communication.


Easy to use



Step into the future of wealth management