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We deliver robust Trading and Connectivity solutions, designed for both professional and retail clients

  • Tailored Trading UX: Designed for diverse needs across professional and retail user
  • Advanced Analytics: Merging in-depth analytics with market data for unparalleled insights
  • Efficient Order Management: A flexible, comprehensive suite for seamless trade execution
  • Scalable Solutions: Modular, customizable technology that grows with your business needs
  • Local Experts: Delivering minimal TCO and maximal value through regional expertise

Local Partner. European Leader

1+ milllion

Daily active users

30+ million/hour

Natural trades every hour, more than €50 billion each year

From idea generation to market execution

We provide our clients with modular trading and connectivity solutions, integrating data & analytics with order handling for a tailored trading experience
Magnus Lindelöf
Head of Trading solutions, Infront

RSP Trading Solutions 

  • Unlock complete access to the United Kingdom Retail-Service Provider (RSP) Network through lnfront Professional Terminal's extensive data and analytics suite

  • The lnfront RSP Hub manages an annual volume exceeding £50 billion in both buy­ and sell-side transactions

  • Automate workflows and have multiple order sources interact with the RSP Network

Institutional execution

  • Combine state-of-the-art data & analytics with high-end professional order & trading workflows

  • Provide your clients with direct market access or execute on their behalf

  • Enable seamless interaction with your existing Order Management system (OMS) or enhance scalability with the Infront OMS

Tailored investor solutions

  • Develop or utilize ready-made web and mobile end-client tools to scale your retail solutions

  • Expand reach into new segments through a technology stack trusted by millions of users

  • Oversee and manage risks associated with end-client trading activities, including exposure management and trading power

  • Adhere to MiFID II suitability standards


Maximize value. Minimize costs.

We have expert teams in:

  • Nordics
  • UK
  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • Benelux
  • Italy

Ensuring quicker delivery times and access to support and assistance with deep insights into your markets.

Intuitive Execution Management

Tailored to address the diverse needs of both professional and retail users


  • With it’s rapid and user-friendly interface, our EMS enables users to quickly understand market dynamics, ensuring prompt and informed market responses

  • Effortless interaction with other Wealth Management and Brokerage systems, help simplify workflows and decrease operational risk via Straight-Through Processing (STP)

Act with precision

Execution Management System enhanced with advanced data & analytics:
  • Monitor and analyze extensive micro and macroeconomic datasets to assess their impact on trading decisions

  • Ensure proactive monitoring of market movements and prompt execution, facilitated by the seamless integration of our advanced trading capabilities and comprehensive data sets

Efficient Order Management

  • Global Connectivity: Access global & local brokers as well as direct market connectivity
  • Ease of use: Modular, customisable solutions tailored to your needs
  • Workflow automation: Automate order handling, middle office flows. Reducing operational risks
  • Refined Order Management: Modular approach of services allows for highly bespoke solutions & pricing

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