Maximise your market data

Empower your private investor customers with quality market data and powerful online trading functionality on your website using Infront’s web technology.

Easy to implement and configure, Infront Web Toolkit delivers beautifully designed, streaming market widgets to your customers.

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Infront technology, your front-end

Infront Web Toolkit connects your website or portal with our market data and trading servers, so you can offer interactive data and trading without building extra infrastructure.

  • Highly customisable, so you can embed fund data, stock market data and treasury information into your existing website or portal

  • All market data can be streamed through mobile, web and desktop platforms

  • Add trading services to deliver a complete brokerage solution to your customers

  • Its lean architecture and efficiency help you go to market faster and cut maintenance costs

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See and serve your clients from every angle

Combine modules into a toolkit tailored to doing what you do, but better.

  • Market data

  • Trading

  • Portfolio

  • Analytics

  • Order routing

  • Advisory

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