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Together with our content partners, we ensure that you have quality data and global coverage for all your needs. 

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Infront includes ABM Financial News covering all listed companies in Belgium and the Netherlands and blue chips worldwide. ABM Financial News is a supplier of economic and stock market news, video and data, and is renowned for their real-time headlines on macroeconomic and equities news. ABM Financial News has dedicated editorial teams in Amsterdam and Brussels.

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Infront provides Swiss-centric news from awp Financial News in the Infront Professional Terminal. awp Financial News is a leading Swiss business news agency, reporting on more than 1,000 research reports a day on the subject areas of companies, markets, financial analysis, macroeconomics and politics.

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Through its partnership with Clarity AI, Infront includes a broad range of ESG related insights and functionalities in its products to meet any client needs. Clarity AI is a global data science and technology platform that uses machine learning and big data to deliver environmental and social insights that empower investors to measure the impact of their portfolios. Clarity AI’s platform analyzes more than 30,000 companies, 200,000 funds and 400 countries and local governments, delivering data, analytics and software applications for investment and corporate research and reporting.

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Several Dow Jones Newswires are available in the Infront platform. Dow Jones Newswires delivers comprehensive global business insights, rolling market commentary and expert analysis—a direct line to the newsroom that powers the world’s most heralded business publications, including the The Wall Street Journal and Barron’s.

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Dukascopy is a Forex broker, offering high quality and excellent client service to the FX-market. In addition to the Forex trading on over 50 currency pairs, Dukascopy provides numerous free of charge web products as for example the historical data feed.

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Exchange Data International (EDI), a trusted partner of Infront, delivers accurate, and timely, comprehensive reference data services.With an established reputation, EDI offers exceptional WCA Equity & ETF Corporate Actions, SRF Equity & ETF Reference Data, and Fixed Income products, with global content coverage across reference data feeds.By integrating EDI's reliable offerings, Infront augments its advanced financial technology, providing an extensive and robust market data solution.

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JFD is a leading Group of Companies offering financial and investment services and activities. The parent entity, JFD Group Ltd was launched in December 2011 and is now an internationally licensed global provider of multi-asset trading and investment solutions. It provides commission-free trading in real stocks and Crypto CFDs as well as extremely competitive pricing for trading and investing in 1,500+ instruments across 9 asset classes. JFD is acknowledged by numerous independent sources as one of the fastest growing and respected financial companies worldwide. Thanks to its core values of transparency, fairness and trust, many experienced investors consider the company as their best choice for self-trading, portfolio management and investment advisory solutions. JFD strives to offer ongoing expansions and enhancements of their services and product portfolio to support more asset classes and investing opportunities.

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ICE Data Services (ICE) is a provider of market data to Infront. ICE is a trusted leader in financial information providing fixed income data, reference data, real-time market data, trading infrastructure services and fixed income analytics.

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KNEIP, with branches in Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland and England, currently serves 420 investment companies worldwide. We help our clients to comply with regulatory reporting requirements while enabling them to deliver consistent and accurate fund data and documents to their regulators, clients and external data providers.

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The award-winning LMAX Exchange is the first MTF for FX authorised and regulated by the FCA. Servicing brokers, funds, corporates, asset managers and banks, LMAX Exchange delivers a unique vision for global FX trading - a transparent, neutral, level playing field for all market participants, regardless of status, size or activity levels. The LMAX Exchange OPEN order book is driven by streaming, non ‘last look’ limit orders supplied by General Member liquidity providers. LMAX Exchange offers markets in over 65 FX pairs, spot Gold and Silver, with complete pre & post-trade transparency and orders executed in strict price/time priority at an average speed of 4ms.

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Infront provides users with complete access to Morningstar global funds data in the Infront Professional Terminal. Morningstar, Inc. is a leading provider of independent investment research in North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. They offer an extensive line of products and services for individual investors, financial advisors, asset managers, and retirement plan providers and sponsors.

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philoro EDELMETALLE GmbH is a European precious metal trading company with branches in Vienna, Salzburg, Berlin, Leipzig, Budapest and Eschen/Liechtenstein. In addition to buying, selling and storing gold, silver, platinum and palladium in ingot and coin form, philoro offers its private and corporate customers comprehensive individual and bank-independent advice on all questions relating to precious metals. Social responsibility for the environment and society is a major concern of philoro, which is also reflected in the ethically correct framework conditions of the philoro product line.

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Ritzau Finans is the leading financial news agency in Denmark. Infront is the biggest distributor of the Ritzau Finans news wire to market professionals. Unique in the Infront terminal the service includes Ritzau FinansData providing financial results from major Danish companies. In cooperation with Infront, Ritzau Finans also deliver their news services to a broad audience of media clients utilizing the media edition of the Infront terminal.

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Infront provides estimates data from S&P Global – an American corporation, provider of ratings, benchmarks, analytics and data. S&P Estimates cover 18,300+ companies worldwide.

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The Swiss company evaluates equities, sectors and indices worldwide on a quantitative basis. The ratings and analyses are used by banks, asset managers, institutional investors and Internet portals. With over 10,000 terminals operated and more than a million client deposits analyzed, the company is a global leader in quantitative equity analysis.

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Infront delivers a range of OTC and specialist data from Tullett Prebon Information (tpInformation) to Infront. tpInformation is a leading provider of independent real-time price information from the wholesale inter-dealer brokered financial and commodity markets. tpInformation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tullett Prebon, a fully diversified inter-dealer broker with leading positions in global fixed income securities, money markets, capital markets, equities, energy, credit and associated derivative products, and a principal source of market information for tpInformation.

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Infront provides fundamental data from WVB (World Vest' Base) on over 85 000 listed companies worldwide. It includes historical standardized financial statements (Income statements, balance sheets, cash flows), business descriptions, sectors and segment financials.

World’Vest Base (WVB), part of FIS-WVB Limited, is a relational database of financial, statistical and market information on active companies.

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