Take charge of your trading

Analyse market trends and performance metrics. Monitor and manage risks. And execute trades efficiently.

We give you accurate data delivered through a functionality-rich interface – allowing you to make the right decisions when they matter most.

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A platform that puts you in charge

Combine modules into a toolkit tailored to doing what you do, but better.

  • Market data

  • Trading

  • Portfolio

  • Analytics

  • Order routing

  • Advisory

Put your business in pole position

Infront is designed to cut through the noise so you can make better investment decisions. Fast, easy, and smart, our WealthTech tools let you trade anywhere, any time.

  • Because Infront is open, it can connect to your apps and work across different devices

  • Data flows freely, so you get the data you need, when you need it, automatically

  • A single system means no jumping between applications and manually copying data between systems

  • Infront lets work flow, with an interface that makes sense so your teams can focus on the important work

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Get powerful insights. Make informed decisions.

Combine Infront’s data with your data. See it as tables or charts. And use analytics to understand it.

Trusted by banks, asset managers and insurance companies, our calculation engines are constantly being updated with quantitative and financial know-how, so you can rely on the results.

Research investment objectives and restrictions. Manage asset allocation and portfolio construction. And analyse performance and risk with one platform.

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