Fuel your systems with data

Connect to a market data universe of financial news, exchanges, funds and more.

Our data powers your applications and processes – from guiding trading decisions to informing research, reporting or calculations.

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Financial information at your fingertips

Access over 120 stock exchanges, 35 futures and commodity exchanges and hundreds of  capital management and investment companies. All with straightforward, flexible integration into your systems.

  • Data as you need it: updating real-time or end-of-day, from live to 20-year history

  • Price data, key figures, master data and news – all through one connection

  • Integrate with ERP and other systems via Java and .NET APIs, or simply export data as .csv, .txt, .xml

  • Get KARBV/IAS 39-compliant valuations on financial products with our regulatory feed and pricing service

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Part of the platform

Combine Infront data feeds with powerful tools across your entire financial workflow.

  • Market data

  • Trading

  • Portfolio

  • Analytics

  • Order routing

  • Advisory

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