Financial data to power your business

Elevate your operations with an API designed for professionals who need consistent, high-quality financial data to stay ahead.

Infront’s Data Manager API offers seamless setup and integration, delivering reliable feeds for data-backed decisions.

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Dependable quality and precision

Built for financial professionals, our API ensures data reliability and actionable insights every time.

  • Customisable: Tailor your data feeds to specific operational needs, ensuring precise and relevant insights for every financial decision

  • Centralised: An easy to set up system makes setup and access simpler, but always secure

  • Business-critical: We put data reliability and quality first, delivering for businesses in an increasingly intricate financial landscape 

  • Future-proof: Integrate with automated execution, add new data sources effortlessly and ensure you're always on top of your data management
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Streamlined delivery, seamless integration

Infront’s Data Manager API goes beyond mere data delivery. It can be the hub of your workflow, operating seamlessly across systems to simplify and elevate every aspect of your financial data management.

Opt for streaming data, snapshots, request-response and other formats to cater to your diverse data needs.

An intuitive, modern API enables self-service onboarding and customisation

Make data work for you across desktop applications, websites, data analysis and end-to-end office operations.

Ensure data integrity and compatibility, with standard formats like CSV, JSON and XML.

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By streaming exactly the data we need into our systems, we can provide a highly responsive solution that’s great for our customers, delivering up to the minute pricing and full company reference data.
The data you need, how you need it

Experience a comprehensive financial data solution – from a vast selection of data to timely delivery

Tailored data

Flexible API




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