Streamlined wealth management

Family Offices face an increasingly complex environment: diverse asset classes, more information to manage, and the need for transparency and risk reduction. Add to this the burden of ever-changing regulations, and traditional methods can’t keep up.

Infront Assetmax simplifies this complexity, streamlines compliance and elevates your wealth management. Ready to upgrade?

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Work seamlessly with integrated solutions trusted by thousands of Family Offices, banks and wealth management firms.

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Tackling complexity. Streamlining compliance

The challenges facing investors today also mean opportunities for Family Offices ready to adapt. Infront consolidates diverse asset classes, automates reporting and integrates ESG data – streamlining regulatory compliance, so you can focus on managing wealth more effectively.

  • Comprehensive asset management: Consolidate a wide range of assets, from bankable to non-bankable, into a single portfolio

  • Detailed performance analysis: Compare portfolio performance against industry benchmarks using detailed analyses

  • Automated reporting: Provide clients with standardised reports delivered directly to them

  • Risk and ESG integration: Optimize portfolios with performance contributions, attribution analysis, comprehensive risk figures assessments and integrated ESG data

Features made for Family Offices

Get a single, clear view of portfolios, encompassing diverse assets for better risk and performance management.

Define, follow and monitor investment strategies efficiently to manage portfolio risk.

Automate your reporting process with customized, detailed insights for complete transparency.

Single-view portfolio management eases the burden of regulatory compliance, ensuring all documentation and client information is at your fingertips.

Future-proof your wealth management

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